Break Through the Inertia That's Keeping You From Your Dreams

The world’s top achievers (Olympians, professional athletes, entertainers, etc.) didn’t get to where they are alone, and you don’t have to go it alone either. Everyone needs a guide to help see their potential and point them in the direction of their dreams - and you can have this, too.

We are the wind at your back - teaching you valuable insights into the psychology of change through our proven Get Momentum system. Join us to get the inside scoop on our 5-Stage process that helps you direct your focus to experience fulfillment—on your own terms, and improve how you approach starting projects that are stuck.  



May 11

at 3:15pm Pacific, 

6:15pm Eastern

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Presented by 

Jason Womack


Jodi Womack

 In This 45-Minute Training You'll Learn...

  • The key to BEING motivated (versus 'getting' motivated)
  • How to find and engage perfect mentors to move you toward success  
  • How to use milestones to keep your big project on track 
  • How to focus on what you've done (not what you have left to do) and use that to monitor and acknowledge progress as you go 
  • The best behavior modification tips to keep moving forward 
jason and jodi

JASON & JODI WOMACK met in the front row of history class in college. Jodi asked to borrow Jason’s notes. He said, “No.” That was the beginning of what became a beautiful relationship. Jason’s “No” quickly turned into a “Yes” and 23 years later they're still editing each other’s writing. They've grown up together as they worked in the local, small town high school; Jason teaching history and Jodi in the Counseling department. Then graduating to running their own international consulting firm, The Womack Company, where they help busy professionals be more productive through coaching, consulting, their Get Momentum Leadership Academy, and now their book, Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck. (Wiley, May 2016)

Learn more about Jason & Jodi at GetMomentum.com

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