TOP 5 MOST Annoying Time-Wasting Activities

TOP 5 MOST Annoying Time-Wasting Activities

After coaching hundreds of Get Momentum members worldwide, I’ve complied my list of:

TOP 5 MOST Annoying Time-Wasting Activities:

  1. Meetings that start late
  2. Not being able to find stuff
  3. Obsessing about a conversation (over & over again) through the day & night
  4. Worrying about everything that needs to get done
  5. Being INTERRUPTED with non-emergency requests

This list of the Top 5 Most Annoying Time-Wasting Activities comes from listening and asking questions about how these things keep smart, good-intentioned, hard-working people like you from getting to their BIG, important projects.

When most people think about Advanced Time Management, they think of apps for their “to do” list or time blocking on their calendar…

But what I’ve noticed from the coaching calls is most time wasting activities revolve around managing DRAMA, OVERWHELM and INTERRUPTIONS.

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night, thinking about that weird conversation that happened in the office, then you know what I’m talking about.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for this Thursday’s Group Coaching Call.

You’ll get a ton of practical ideas you can put into place ASAP.

Wishing you all the time in the world,

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