The “Time Management” Self-Assessment

The “Time Management” Self-Assessment

EXCELLENT time managers do 12 things.

You’ll learn all 12  during the online AND in-person executive coaching program we’re teaching titled:

Advanced Time Management

Get Momentum members in 10 countries and as many industries will learn to:

  • Save time.
  • Direct focus.
  • Get Things Done.
  • Have better work/life balance.


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Members, it’s time to visit Get Momentum, sign in and download this month’s Course Work.

Excellent time managers do 12 things.

Not 120 things. Not even 60.

Just 12.

Not a Get Momentum member yet?

Would you like to see how you compare?

Take the quiz, if you dare…

Take the Self-Assessment Here

If you take the “Advanced Time Management” self-assessment you will see EXACTLY what to focus on to manage time well.

NOTE: I am going to buy coffee for 5 people who aren’t Get Momentum members yet!

Read about it here.

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