Three Kinds of Friends

Three Kinds of Friends

As you develop your goals for the next year or so, consider the “kinds” of people you can share your hopes and dreams with; people who will support you…or not.

In this short video, you’ll hear (and think) about THREE kinds of friends you could call. Some you’ll want to talk with as you’re building the idea in your mind. You want to sit down with them and INCREASE or improve the size of the project you’re working on.

Others, you’ll want to bring in as you’re going along…they are there to hold you accountable, to remind you what you said you’d do, and to give you a gentle nudge forward if you happen to get a little frustrated.

And, finally, there’s a group/kind of people you want to have look at what you’re doing RIGHT BEFORE you click “send.” They are there to make sure you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed those t’s!

Here’s that video…

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