Step 1: Look in the mirror. It’s where change starts.

Step 1: Look in the mirror. It’s where change starts.

(STOP! Before you continue reading, make sure you’ve taken the Advanced Time Management “Self-Assessment” right here.)

Did you take the quiz? Congratulations! Let’s go get momentum!

Step 1:

Look in the mirror.

That means you took the time to FILL OUT the Advanced Time Management quiz. This level of honesty with yourself positions you to experience more success. You NEED more time to live. You can use more time at work to

  • make more phone calls,
  • mentor a younger employee or
  • think strategically.

And, many of our Get Momentum members say it be great if you had more time at home to

  • pay attention to your growing (!!!) children,
  • finish up that back yard project or
  • get away with your spouse on a mini vacation.


Now, the next logical thing to do is to SHARE that Self-Assessment with the people you work with!

FREE coffee for 5 of you:

If you invite FOUR of your co-workers to take that quiz and print ALL the answers to go out for coffee anddiscuss WHAT YOU CAN DO to help each other…

I’ll buy your coffee!

Yup, have 4 people you work with take the Self-Assessment. Have them print their answers. You all go to coffee. Send me the receipt.

Win. Win.

Once you take the quiz, I will email you the SURVEY assessment “decoder key” – or, click here.

The more you know yourself – and the more your team knows you – the easier it will be to get more of the right things done.

Step 3:

We are ready when you are. Join today.

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