See you in Seattle

See you in Seattle


Congratulations, you’re in!

To invite a friend, send this link to them! (Check your email if you’ve registered. We’ve sent you a note with a copy of your receipt AND we’ll send you the location and all other logistics and details soon.)

Remember, for just $99 you get:

  1. Us! Jodi and Jason Womack, unplugged.
  2. A copy of GET MOMENTUM, the best-selling book that teaches you how to get unstuck.
  3. TWO Months of membership (PROFESSIONAL level) at the Get Momentum Leadership Academy.
  4. A follow-up webinar JUST for you to be scheduled 2-5 weeks afterward!

We’re looking forward to meeting with you on August 11th.

This “GET MOMENTUM” session consists of information for people leading teams. This program will benefit you and dramatically transform your LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT skills.

Walk away with ideas on how to GET MOMENTUM, and how to share it with others on your team, at home or in your community.

“Jodi Womack is a world-class speaker and traveler, and her network is vast. She is an incredible resource for pooling talent and for helping those around her learn innovative, time saving ways to work. I walked away from her workshop feeling inspired, supported and rarin’ to go!

CARLA ROSE FISHER, Corporate Writing Solutions

“Jason is a most inspirational speaker and business consultant. He has the ability to usefully link work and life when engaging his clients and audience in helping them plan to achieve their goals and desires. I have and continue to recommend him to any client/leader looking to become more efficient and productive.” MICHEL KOOPMAN, former CEO, GetAbstract, Inc.

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