Be a Resilient Leader (Weekly Member Message)

Be a Resilient Leader (Weekly Member Message)

Hi [wlm_firstname],

We’ve JUST launched the new Get Momentum Leadership Academy leadership theme: “How to Be a Resilient Leader.”

So, please if you’re a member LOG IN to your account here, and take the Self Assessment.

This month you will:

  • Reflect on your challenges and discover the tools you have for weathering adversity.
  • Explore the tools and strategies that build resilience.
  • Discover your own limitations around resilience – and how to go beyond them.
  • Experiment with daily habits for building more resilience.

Happy “almost” 4th of July.

You may not know, but it’s Jason and my 18th Anniversary on Tuesday – though we’ve been partners in life and at work since 1993!

Please do add the Master Class* to your calendar.
(Thursday, 9:15am Pacific start time…be there!)

Oh… Jason and I spent 3 days scoping out a destination for the next Get Momentum Leadership Retreat (somebody had to do it!).

While there, we recorded a short video for you…a 2-minute introduction to this month’s theme: How to Be a Resilient Leader.

* There’s nothing you need to do for the Master Class. Members have already been registered and will receive email reminders before the webinar.

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