Portland Workshop: April 10, 2017

Portland Workshop: April 10, 2017

Secrets to a More Productive Day. Workshop.

This session is designed SPECIFICALLY for: 

Senior Managers, Middle Managers and Superintendents who have TOO MUCH TO DO…

                                         …and NEED TO GET MORE TIME.

You will learn the tools, mindset and practices to improve your daily productivity by 20% or more every day. You will learn how to regain 30 minutes. EVERY DAY.

30 minutes to focus on your priorities. 30 minutes to beat traffic home. 30 minutes to help an employee through a challenge she is facing. 30 minutes to each lunch. 30 minutes to exercise.

What do YOU need 30 minutes for?

In this session you will learn the exact strategies AND tactics the most productive leaders use to Master Time Management, Get Things Done, and Be Better Leaders.

Managing email, attending meetings, planning projects… these are all the types of work our clients say they need to do more effectively and more efficiently.

Click on the link to download the flier: FedExBoard Portland Seattle April 2017


How many times have you found yourself so busy working on what’s due right now that you don’t have the time, energy or focus to work on what you know is coming in the future? If only you had a little time to get ahead, you wouldn’t have to struggle through so many emergencies.

During the course, you’ll learn to:

• Manage Email more effectively
• Prioritize your actions
• Optimize your daily routines
• Organize effective meetings
• Reduce distractions at your desk
• Delegate effectively

Who Should Attend:

·         Employees, Managers and Supervisors who already have too much to do and need a few tools to increase productivity by 20% or more.


·         Date: April 10, 2017
·         Time: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
·         Location: Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building
·         Classrooms 1 A & B
·         1220 S.W. 3rd Avenue
·         Portland, OR. 97204



$129 per person
$275 for a group of 3 people

The class is filling up quickly so please act now.  Advance registration is required.  A flyer with registration information is attached.
To Register, go to:


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