Portland, Oregon: Federal Executive Board training “Secrets of a More Productive Day”

Portland, Oregon: Federal Executive Board training “Secrets of a More Productive Day”

If there were a handful of secrets – great advice that is tried and true – that would make it easier for you to have better days, when would you want to know?

Thank You For Attending!

For those of you were there, it was a distinct honor and privilege to share my 45th birthday with you all, outlining the practical tactics and techniques Jodi and I know will help you move from where you are…

…toward where you want to be.

More than just a seminar on adding reminders to your calendar or making more to do lists, we see this workshop as offering leaders like you a beacon of hope. Keep reading, here’s some “extra” for you, beginning with the Slide Deck (and a video embedded) for you.

Slide Deck

Sure, you can click slide-by-slide through that deck above, and below a few more resources for you by topic. Remember, by attending the workshop – “Secrets of a More Productive and Fulfilling Day” – you gain immediate access to a full 15-day FREE membership to the Get Momentum Leadership Academy.

Click here to start your membership at no charge for 15 days. (That is where you access the Microsoft® Outlook® Dashboard information as well as learn how to Use Your iPhone better. DO share that link with anyone who’d like to learn with you!)

How to Manage Time:

Catch up OR get ahead.

At the end of most days, do you feel further behind?

“Too much to do, and not enough time to do it all…”

THAT is the battle cry of managers today, describing their work-life experience. Now, there isn’t a magical land of “work/life balance.” Every task will either get you closer to caught up OR that task can get you ahead.

96 X 15 minutes = 24 hours

15 minutes…It’s about 1% of your day. A one-hour meeting: there goes 4%. 90-minute commute: 6%. 8-hour training class: 32%. If you have ever tried to “manage time” you know that at the end of an hour that the hour is gone. To get the most from the time you have, start thinking about the “focus line.”

That is, the duration that you can hold your attention on one task/problem/ project with minimal distractions and maximum productivity.



Manage Interruptions:

Can you interrupt them less?

When it comes to getting things done, the most important resource you have at your disposal is NOT time… It your “focus.” The ability to sit down and work on ONE thing for 5 or 15 or even 30 minutes is a rare occurrence these days.

“Do you have a minute?”

The most popular reason people interrupt you as much as they do is: They do not have a system to hold on to something to tell you until later. And the reason people email you so much: They think about something and assume they have to do it right now.

If you give your colleagues the gift of THEIR own attention, you just might find you, too, are getting things done more efficiently and more effectively.

Be At Your Best…Better:

When you know…

Do you know THE superpower that is as important as Superman’s x-ray vision or Wonder Woman’s truth-lasso? Knowing when you’re at your best is crucial to your success as a leader, a colleague, and an individual contributor. It is equivalent to speaking a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) language; you can call on this knowledge when you need it.

When It’s Important to Be At Your Best

When it’s time to be productive, it’s too late to get ready. You need to have done the work necessary to be ready. Building your own Personal Productivity statements of “At My Best When” make it possible (and much more likely) that you’ll make a positive and proactive difference at work and in your life.


Be Productive With Technology:

“I didn’t know it could…”

Think about when you drive behind someone and think, “They really don’t know what they’re doing.” As you watch them, you have ideas about how they could be doing it better. Well, the same thing happens if and when someone watches you work. Especially if you work with tools like email, word processing or presentation software. Let someone watch you work for a half-an- hour, and they will find ways you could be “doing it better.”

  • Efficient: Get Things Done
  • Effective: Get Things Done WELL
  • Engaged: Get Things Done that MATTER

Your tools could help you do more of the things that make a positive difference to your work and in your life.

Manage Meetings More Effectively:

Where did the time go?

There are 168 hours in a week and chances are you spend about 50 of those working. Now, how many of those hours do you spend in meetings? As much as you might complain about having to be in meetings, they are a reality of business. People meet, they talk, they make decisions, they check project status.

“Are we halfway done, now that we’re halfway done?”

If a meeting lasts an hour, you’ll want to set a timer for 30 minutes as soon as you start. When the timer rings, check your agenda list of items to discuss. By now, half the time is gone, have you talked and made decisions about half of the items on that list? If a meeting lasts for 30 minutes, set a timer for 15 minutes. If in a day-long planning session, time-block in sections of 2 hours max.

Now, how else can Jodi and I help you? Remember, we’ve brought this work to military bases, schools and churches and even the White House (in November of 2016).

Would you like us to come and share any of this life-changing information with your department or at your organization?

Do you plan an annual conference we can speak at?

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* BONUS stuff (email me, ask me for specifics, and I’ll post them here!)

Advanced Time Management (Get Momentum course)

Take the Self-Assessment here to find out where you’re losing the most time, and what to do about it next!

Lotus Notes Dashboard

If you use Lotus Notes, click here and download this PDF. Better, print a copy for everyone on your team and watch your productivity soar (and time wasted drop!).

gMail (gCal and GoogleApps) Info

This will FIRST be rolled out to Get Momentum members. So, join! (Hint Hint!)

TRO – Transactions / Relationships / Opportunities

Infographic – click here

Questions to ask during discussions – click here

Workbook (handout from the training)

Want a fresh version of the workbook? click here


Thank you for the opportunity to serve your community, Portland! Let us know! Click the More tab above, and choose Contact Us.



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