What are your “Must Dos” that help you have better days?

What are your “Must Dos” that help you have better days?

Do you have your own way?

Recently, a journalist reached out after reading Your Best Just Got Better (chapter 1 here) and asked:

“Do you have a list of “To Dos” that you make sure to do every day?”

I opened up my favorite application for “free-thinking” and wrote out a quick mind-map of the things that I know “if I do, my day is #Better.”

So, here’s my list:

  1. Start the day w/ gratitude. Write a letter to a client, vendor, author, or other to let them know what THEY do makes MY life better.
  2. Increase the heart rate, for at least 30 minutes. Walk, ride, run, swim, do SOMEthing to strengthen the HEART muscle; I need that blood system runnin’ to strengthen the MENTAL muscle.
  3. Eat. Better. The NEXT 5 hours of productivity will be affected by what I do/don’t put into the system right now. Snacks that are high in fat, low in sugar…At least two a day.

Oh, and I’d add two more ideas for you here…

  • Think big…As in “Predict. Adapt. Improve.” I know that my work and my world 12 months from now will be limited by the thoughts I didn’t have today. So, I do this by reading, watching, listening or interviewing someone to help me think bigger.
  • Scan social media, find a place to lend a comment, idea, activity, etc … something that comes from http://wmck.co/ybjgbreviews that could help that person move further…Faster.

Think about it, these are not just “To” dos, for me they are the things that increase the likelihood that I’ll have a good day. No, it’s not a guarantee, but boy does it go a long way in creating the conditions that are just right.

How about you?

What are your “Must Dos” that help you have better days?


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