Monday Message: Bonus Courses & Master Class

Monday Message: Bonus Courses & Master Class

This is the month to become MORE Productive Through Technology.

We’ve always been big fans of having a second monitor… And you should SEE the size of the new monitor Jason got me! It’s huge… 32”.
It took time to get used to seeing so much, but now, I can’t imagine working without it. (I can actually see all 20 pages of the Get Momentum Course Work that we’re writing for next month at one time!)

My 2 big recommendations for this week:

1. Check out Bonus Courses: iPhone & Outlook

Do you use Microsoft® Outlook®?
Do you have an iPhone?

Imagine being just 15% more efficient, more savvy, more fluid with your tools.

We trust the better you get with your tools, the more you’ll be able to stay on the focus line… which is where the real work happens.

iPhone & iPad Tips
The tips range from basic to more sophisticated for power users. I encourage you to give it a quick review, even if you’re a power user because you may pick up a few new ways to use the tools.
For example, you probably know how to take a screenshot (by pushing the Home button and power button at the same time.) but have you ever thought of taking a screenshot of the map you’re following, in case you loose wifi along the way?
If you ever say to yourself, “Oh, I’ll reply to that email when I’m back in the office.” Consider a few tips to be even MORE productive from your phone.
You know what Jason is so good at? He always teaches the mindset of asking, “What else could this tool be doing for me?”

How many hours a day do you spend in your email and calendar?
Watch the short videos in the Outlook Bonus Course, and you might catch yourself saying, “I didn’t know Outlook could do that!”

Each tip will take you 2-6 minutes to learn, Jason gives you you step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • set up signatures for your frequently used template responses,
  • set up Email Rules and
  • a handful of other really helpful tips.


Bonus Courses are located under the MORE option on the menu bar.
If you’re a Lotus Notes user, hang tight… We’re working on something special for you, too.


2. Watch the Master Class recording!

The Master Class webinar recording (41 minutes) is up and ready for you.
Click here to watch it.

You can also download the audio only file and listen to it on your commute or while you’re working out.

Wishing you all the best,

Jodi Womack
Get Momentum Leadership Academy


PS March’s theme is The Wellness Advantage. It’s all about how your health and wellness impact your ability to lead. Jason and I are going to an intensive health retreat at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona. Email me if you’d like info about meeting us there.


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