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As a Professional or Professional PLUS member, we’ll send you signed copies of both, “Your Best Just Got Better” and “Get Momentum: How to Start, When You’re Stuck.” (Wiley, 2016) by Jodi and Jason Womack.

Here’s What Readers Say:

“We all get stuck. Jason and Jodi know that the secret is how you respond when you’re stuck. Get Momentum provides practical methods to get your energy and thoughts aligned, so you can move you forward with clarity and focus. It’s all about building momentum that drives you closer to your goals, and creating habits that help you every day.”
Dwayne Melancon, CTO, TripWire

“I give bonus gold stars to Jason and Jodi for developing a master work (Get Momentum) that takes into account different learning styles and ways of being. They offer us options we didn’t know were there.”
Dyana Valentine, Speaker+WHY Finder

“Get Momentum is a practical, hands-on guide for getting UnStuck in the ever complex world of the workplace. One sentence that keeps popping out for me is “The most successful people keep learning!” This is a great read!”
Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM

“In Get Momentum, Jason and Jodi lead us into a bright future, where “stuck” is the language of the past, and “start” is our battle cry for the future we envision.”
Frances R. Hesselbein, President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, 1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

“Get Momentum is a handbook for turning ideas into products. Jodi and Jason Womack have walked the talk, and now teach us how to easily move through the stages of momentum.”
Josh Linkner, Chairman/Co-Founder, Fuel Leadership

“The first step of any new endeavor can be the most difficult. Too many options can leave you feeling demotivated. With “Get Momentum,” Jason and Jodi Womack distill their 20 years of experience into easily understood, action-oriented steps to simplify the process so you can not only get momentum for a new project or goal but bring it to fruition.”
Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

“This inspiring book (Your Best Just Got Better) is a must-read for entrepreneurs and knowledge workers alike who want to grow their impact without losing sight of their core purpose.”
Chris Guillebeau, NYT bestselling author of The Happiness of Pursuit and The $100 Startup

“Jason Womack has emerged as a new and exciting voice in the world of professional development. YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER offers an action-oriented and powerful set of resources leaders can use to improve themselves and help others achieve their greater potential.”
Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“Jason Womack’s book, Your Best Just Got Better, provides a refreshing and current tack on a highly useful guide for being more productive and successful in work and life. His emphasis on focused planning, careful listening, and thoughtful self-examination is spot on. Bravo.”
Sterling Shea, Head of Wealth Management Programs, Barron’s