Leading From the Front (“Always On” Leadership)

Leading From the Front (“Always On” Leadership)

BOOK REVIEW: Leadership From 30,000 Feet

5 Retired Generals
Psychology/Sociology of Leading
2019 / 193 Pages

Table of Contents/Organization

Part 1 – Commitment
Part 2 – Courage
Part 3 – Competence
Part 4 – Compassion
Part 5 – Character

Stand-Out Lines

Page 31: “Committed leaders pledge themselves to the tasks at hand every day.”
Page 54: “…your organization must view you as someone unfazed by precarious situations.”
Page 82: “I sought out senior pilots and tacticians in the squadron who were willing to spend time with me so I could learn from their experiences.”
Page 131: “Compassionate leaders recognize that everyone struggles with life at one time or another, then they do all they can to assist.”
Page 177: “Leaders with character stand up for their team members.”

My Opinion

A book to be read by those wondering, “What’s it like to go to sleep at night knowing that thousands of people know you’re their leader?” So, grab a pen, get comfortable, open your notebook, and maybe even pour a favorite (morning OR evening) beverage. Then, settle in for story time.

5 retired General Officers, 5 thematic chapters, and 5 stories each…we all know we can learn through the experience of others, and these men make it easier than ever. In fact, if you’re reading this book, I recommend you START by skipping to the end of each chapter to review the bullet points that conclude each story. Put the book down – maybe for a week or two – and then come back after you’ve had a chance to think about the main points of each chapter. After this reflection, read their stories. Ask yourself, “What do these stories mean to ME? How do these kinds of situations appear or play out in MY life?”

My recommendation (based on what I know now having read this book) is to pick one GO at a time and read his stories chapter by chapter. I, of course, have some favorite stories of my own from this book, but I’ll leave it to you to go and find yours.