Information that leads to new results

Information that leads to new results

Courageously, 47 Federal and state government leaders from Oregon and Washington attended a course I taught titled:

Secrets to a More Productive Day

Together, they spent a day studying productivity habits and tactics they can use to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Get The Right Things Done
  • End Each Day Feeling More Productive

I won’t attempt to describe all the tips and tools I shared during the program, but I will include a list of the materials that participants asked me for during and after our day together. Feel free to click and print any of these!

Time Management (or How to Say No) – click here

For many leaders, Time Management isn’t about how many things you get done, nor how efficiently you work. YOUR next level of self-management and ultimate productivity will be:

  1. look out 12 months
  2. identify what you want to be #KnownFor having done
  3. say YES to the things that matter, and NO to the ones that distract


3 Kinds of Conversations (or What to Interrupt Them With) – click here

  • You WILL interrupt people, and you WILL be interrupted. To be more effective, make sure you’re interrupting people with the right things at the right time.


iPhone tips (save 15 minutes a day!) – click here

  • Take this FREE online course to learn how to maximize productivity on your iPhone or iPad.


Questions to Ask (or How to Interrupt…Better) – click here

  • Want to get more out of the interruption you’ve just received? Want to attend a more productive meeting? Make sure you ask those questions.


Microsoft® Outlook® Dashboard (or How to Save Time in Outlook) – click here

  • Under your fingers is a tool that can save you hours a week. Be sure you learn what Microsoft® Outlook® can do for you.


Microsoft® Outlook® email Signaturesclick here

  • In less than 10 minutes, you can learn 1-2 things that Microsoft® Outlook® can do to save you hours a week. Start now!


Stop Procrastinating (NOW!) – click here

  • Don’t put it off. Click and learn how YOU can stop procrastinating.


My promise to everyone attending the workshop was that they would learn the tools, mindset and practices to improve daily productivity by 20% or more every day. Here’s what I said:

You will learn how to regain 30 minutes. EVERY DAY.

30 minutes to focus on your priorities. 30 minutes to beat traffic home. 30 minutes to help an employee through a challenge she is facing. 30 minutes to each lunch. 30 minutes to exercise.

What do YOU need 30 minutes for?

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