Get Momentum WEBSITE review

Get Momentum WEBSITE review

Welcome New Members!

Please join us for a Get Momentum WEBSITE welcome. Whether this is your FIRST week as a Get Momentum member, or your 5th year of studying the curriculum (link here), you’re welcome to join us for a 10-minute video overview. Come find out ALL you can access as a Get Momentum member.

Over the past 48 hours, 8 people from around the country have joined the Leadership Academy.

Listen in or watch a video introduction.

At 7:30PM Eastern, join us for a 10-minute overview and welcome! Thinking of JOINING GetMomentum yourself? You’re welcome too…

Join us!

To ADD to your calendar, click the appropriate link below:

Again, each WEBSITE review will start at 4:30PM Pacific / 7:30PM Eastern.

Can’t make the LIVE version?

Here’s a RECORDED version you can watch:

Welcome to Your Get Momentum Membership

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