The FIRST ‘Momentum’ Question

The FIRST ‘Momentum’ Question

Every day we welcome new members to the Get Momentum Leadership Academy, we celebrate the commitment made and we acknowledge the work to be done.

15 New Get Momentum Members

Often, organizations commit the resources necessary to support entire groups of leaders who enroll in the program.

This week, Associate Professors from Samford University have joined Get Momentum. Below, you can watch a short video Jodi recorded. Here, she shares two ideas that come directly from our book: “Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck.”


#KnownFor – Q#1

The first question to ask yourself is:

What do I want to be known for?

We call this the “Roles-Legacy” question. That is, instead of answering that question for your entire life, we invite readers of Get Momentum to:

  • Choose 6 roles they want to focus on this year.
  • Pick ONE of those roles that you want to pay special attention to.
  • Open your Momentum Journal and write answers to Momentum Question #1.

“In relationship to THAT one role, over the next 6-24 months, I want to be know for…”

So That…

If you have already read the book “Your Best Just Got Better,” you’ll remember the ‘So That…’ process in chapter 7. (Here’s a video…)

Consider what you want to be known for (Question #1 from our book Get Momentum) and add to your strategic plan – or your Wish List! – by strengthening your WHY. Again, open your Momentum Journal and write more than just what you want to be known for and the task list of things to do to get there. Add to that journal entry with a list (more than 25?!) of reasons WHY you want to be known for doing that project you’re working on.

Oh, and if you’re a member of Get Momentum from anywhere in the world, please watch all the way to the end of that video Jodi recorded. Remember that offer you get as a member? (Here’s a reminder…)