Welcome to the Member Discussion Forum that is currently hosted onMentorCloud.

Click on MORE on the menu bar, and choose COMMUNITY.

Click on the big BLUE BUTTON that says “Go To The Community Page” to be taken directly to the group. You may need to log into MentorCloud. This is a private group, just for Get Momentum members.

This area here is called the “Manager’s Choice,” we’ll update this with helpful posts that help out if you’re wondering where to start. They’ll naturally scroll, but you can also click here on the grey arrow to run through them faster. Click on any of the titles if you want to stop scrolling and read the full post and the comments.

Below that section it will have your LinkedIn profile picture and this text box that says “Start a discussion or share something with the group…” It’s pretty obvious, but it’s exactly as it states. Jason and I post announcements here and you’re welcome to post your questions and updates on what you’re working on.

Below that, you’ll see the other posts that members have listed and you’re welcome to Like the post, Comment on it, and Follow that person.

We encourage you to get to know the other members, and reach out to introduce yourself. You can click here on MEMBERS, and scroll through to send an invitation to connect.