An “Ideal” Work Session

An “Ideal” Work Session

Want to know how to regain 30-60 minutes a day?

This is the goal, every April, at Get Momentum.

During April, I work 1:1 with our PLUS and Executive level members to guide them to change their routines and build habits to be more effective, work less, and produce MORE every day.

Want a hint of what we do?

Ok, open your Momentum Journal to a new page, and copy the text below:

1. An upcoming work session:
2. Number of minutes to work without distraction:
3. What I will need to have done to PREPARE for that work session?
4. [In 8 or more sentences] What would success look like if it were a great work session?
5. Who I will need to ask to help me stay focused/accountable to that work session?


You see, MOST people wish they had more time. Are you one of those?

Here’s the problem…I’ll get you more time, that’s easy. Are you ready when you get it? If you do the work I just gave you, you’ll find that before you work, there’s work you’re going to have to have done. I dare ya… Open your journal and go through those 5 prompts for a few projects you’re working on.

Before you know it, you’re going to get more done…faster than ever before!

Want a sample? Here you go…

  1. Innovation off-site for the USAF @ Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.
  2. 120+ minutes to plan the 4-hour program.
  3.  a. Collect and organize ALL planning materials.
    b. Clear calendar +24 hours ahead of time.
    c. Eat, clear the desk, and clean the whiteboard.
    d. Schedule 20-minute intervals (yoga/stretching/body-weights/etc).
  4. Starting with a blank block of time, I’ve got a clear whiteboard and the spiral notebook ready for this planning session. On my desk are the AF leadership books, as well as the printed emails from Col S and Capt B including the itinerary for the event. By the 45 minute mark, I have outlined FOUR pages of content (one for each hour of the off-site I’m facilitating). By the 90 minute mark, I’ve brainstormed the activities, discussion points and videos I can show for each hour. (I’m not going to think about the PPT deck during this session.) I’ve also reviewed the INNOVATION Course Work from the Get Momentum Leadership Academy to see what I can pull for this session. By the end of the 120+ minutes, I have a draft outline of the day. Finally, I’ve put that outline into a one-page agenda to send to Col S.
  5. I’m going to ask Jodi to watch my phone for incoming calls/texts/emails every 30 minutes while I’m working. My request will be that any messages that come in wait until I’m done planning.


Ok, that’s a “for-real” thing. Now, you may have all kinds of thoughts about what I should/shouldn’t do, but don’t worry about that.

Instead, go to the “checklist” of questions and go through that process yourself with the NEXT project you need to focus on.


Go…Get Momentum!


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