The Ways of Momentum

The Ways of Momentum

In less than a minute, we’re here to share the Get Momentum Leadership Academy with you. Here is a process to practice for when you need it most.

From around the world, GET MOMENTUM members tell us they use this program to reduce their stress and overwhelm.

Welcome to the program…


What Members Say:

See My Life In A Whole New Way
“Get Momentum has helped me craft the lens that I use to create focus in not just my work but my life.”
– Ryan Speed


Swift Kick in the Butt!
“As silly as it sounds, attending your program gave me that swift kick in the butt I’ve been needing so desperately.”
– Jill Bonafide


The Oprah Effect
“You’re still my Oprah.”
-Shelley Stinson
Alameda County Office


Stepping Up!
“I received an AAA grade in my end of year performance review last year, and I believe that the support, tools and techniques I gained from Get Momentum played an important part in stepping up my contribution.”
– Fabien Modoux


Productivity Boost!
“My productivity increased 300%”
-John Weller
VP, Megastar Financial


“JWo is an efficiency beast!”
-Rick Crozier
VP, Prime Lending Group


As you GET MOMENTUM, your results improve, your influence increases, and new opportunities arise.

Change the way you work, the way you think, and the way you see yourself as a leader.

If you’d like to be experiencing some of this momentum for yourself, you’re invited to visit the website and compare the membership levels to find the perfect fit for you before the membership tuition increases (significantly!) this Friday.

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