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-Jason W. Womack
Cofounder, Get Momentum

"Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders who are already doing great work to improve in all areas of their lives."

-Jodi Womack
Cofounder, Get Momentum

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What is Included?

Curated Content

Focus on one leadership skill each month. GET MOMENTUM members receive printed Course Work materials, attend Master Class webinars and join group coaching calls*.

Weekly Guidance

Stay on track with weekly reminders. You'll receive an email every week announcing upcoming events and highlighting new materials.

Global Peer Network

Join a group of like-minded professionals willing to learn from and with their peers. Leaders in more than 10 countries attend the monthly Master Classes online, contribute to the community discussion forum and occasionally meet in person to share their wins and help one another grow.

1:1 Coaching *

PLUS members schedule quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions with Jason and Jodi Womack via phone or video, and join monthly group calls*. Members tell us this personalized attention makes all the difference.

*Included in the PLUS membership only.

The 12 GET MOMENTUM Courses

Productivity Through Technology

Master Class: February 6

Mastermind Group Call: February 20

The tools you use at work and in life can help you more than you know. Learn to be more productive with the technology you have.

Practice the Wellness Advantage

Master Class: March 7

Mastermind Group Call: March 20

Leaders who model health and wellness influence others to perform at higher levels of excellence. Increase your capacity and experience less stress.

Advanced Time Management

Master Class: April 5

Mastermind Group Call: April TBA

Save a minimum of 60 minutes a day. Apply the savings to your most important things and achieve greater work + life balance.

Present Like a Pro

Master Class: May 3

Mastermind Group Call: May TBA

You’re always presenting. Whether on the phone with a client or on stage in front of hundreds, be a more prepared and confident speaker.

Create an Inspiring Workplace

Master Class: June 7

Mastermind Group Call: June TBA

Your team needs to know what the organization expects them to do and why. Learn how to motivate and truly inspire others.

Be a Resilient Leader

Master Class: July 12

Mastermind Group Call: July TBA

Enhance your ability to recover from a setback. Learn techniques to support yourself and your team when times are tough.

Build High Performing Teams

Master Class: August 9

Mastermind Group Call: August TBA

Set people up for success so they are more creative and drive innovation. Influence others to think and behave in productive ways.

Think and Work Strategically

Master Class: September TBA

Mastermind Group Call: September TBA

Develop your ability to think 12-60 months into the future. Anticipate issues before they become problems and identify opportunities.

Improve Habits and Routines

Master Class: October TBA

Mastermind Group Call: October TBA

Identify unconscious routines and replace them with radically productive habits. Believe that the change you want to make is possible.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Master Class: November TBA

Mastermind Group Call: November TBA

Study the power of your network. People around you can be a positive (or negative!) influence. Build and nurture your most important relationships.

Be an Innovative Leader

Master Class: December TBA

Mastermind Group Call: December TBA

A year from now, your life will look the same OR it will be different based on your ability to think differently and then implement those creative ideas.

Manage Meetings Effectively

Master Class: January TBA

Mastermind Group Call: January TBA

Put an end to meetings that waste your time. Lead and participate in more productive meetings, whether you’re the facilitator or an attendee.

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Change the way you work, the way you think, and the way you see yourself as a leader.

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With monthly support and weekly reminders from your coaches, Professional members succeed using GET MOMENTUM's proven process.

Each month, you'll access the Course Work, watch the recorded Master Class webinar and access online learning materials.

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Like having an expert trainer at the gym, as a PLUS member, you work directly with executive coaches Jason and Jodi Womack. They share thought-provoking concepts, breakthrough insights and practical advice to help you get results in the areas of work and life that make the biggest difference for you.

Complete the Course Work activities, attend the Master Class webinar and schedule your 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions. This is how you'll strengthen your leadership skills and reach your goals faster than ever before.

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