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The Get Momentum Leadership Academy teaches you specific tactics and practical habits to engage in a mindset-based shift toward exponential growth.

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GET MOMENTUM Membership Fee
Free 15-day Trial
$1,950 / year
$9,500 / year
(optional payment plan)
3 x $675
3 x $3,250
Monthly Course Work
iEvery month, you'll read the best research we find on a SINGLE leadership skill. The Course Work provides you with a series of 3-5 Skill-Building Activities you will practice to become a more effective leader. The Course Work comes as a 20-28 page PDF you can print or download to your smart phone or tablet computer.
Get Momentum Jump-Start Videos
iWe'll make it easy to get started. Upon registration, you'll go to the Onboarding video series that will walk you through all the benefits of your membership. In less than 20 minutes you'll get started, learn the Get Momentum philosophy, and feel equipped to make the most of your membership
Bonus Courses
iThroughout the year, you get FREE access to bonus courses (a savings of $200-$450 per course) that helps you keep MOMENTUM.
Recorded Master Class (audio and video)
iWatch the recording of each month's Master Class...or download the audio version to your smart phone, tablet or computer.
Time Management Magazine app ($14 value)
iAn "app" for your smart phone, this magazine provides ideas you can use - every month! Both Jodi and Jason have contributed articles to Time Management Magazine over the years. If you're looking for "easy-to-implement" time management techniques, you're going to love this digital magazine.
DragonAnywhere Voice Dictation app ($40 value)
iJason wouldn't work without this and it's a "favorite" app of many Get Momentum members. Use this app to can transcribe just about anything you say into text...immediately. You can even share your spoken text as an email to your inbox or directly to Evernote.
Copies of the Womacks' books ($65.90 value)
iAre you a reader? Are you a part of a book club? We'll send you signed copies of both Your Best Just Got Better and Get Momentum.
getAbstract Book Summaries subscription ($99 value)
iYou'll get IMMEDIATE access to more than 15,000 summaries of best-selling business books; including Your Best Just Got Better and Get Momentum."
Desk Yogi membership ($150 value)
iWatch 3-10 minute videos and learn to be more healthy even while sitting there at your desk.
Online Community Forum discussion group
iJoin members worldwide as they discuss their progress, as questions, and share leadership-success stories of learning to Get Momentum.
Onboarding 1:1 Planning and Coaching video chat
iJoin Get Momentum and schedule a video chat with both Jodi and Jason to clarify your plan for the next 12 months.
Monthly Live Master Class
iEvery month, you're invited to attend a 1-hour seminar hosted by Jodi and Jason to "dive deep" in to that month's Get Momentum Leadership theme.
Monthly "Virtual #CoffeeChat" coaching calls
iEach month, we schedule "Virtual #CoffeeChat" meetings to hear about your progress and share our ideas.
Monthly email support from your coaches
iEmail us, and we'll reply with ideas.
Monthly 1:1 Planning and Coaching video chat
iDuring our 1:1 coaching meetings each month, we'll help you clarify and plan both personal and professional goals.
Annual subscription to leadership journals ($99-$200 value)
iWe'll send you a year-long subscription to 1-2 of our favorite leadership journals.
Special 1-day events (by invitation, no additional charge)
iOccasionally, we pick a city to visit and we invite you to spend some time with us.
Annual GM Retreat (by invitation, additional charge applies)
iEach year, we schedule a 3-day off-site retreat. For an additional fee, you're invited to attend.
Monthly Time Commitment
iHow much Professional Development time you'll have each month.
1 hour/month 3-4 hours/month 5-7 hours/month

Get Momentum Leadership Academy:
12 months of professional development coaching

You’ll study 12 of the MOST important Leadership Skills you can learn to be more effective, more efficient and more productive as a leader at work, at home and in your community.

Trial Membership
Free 15-day Trial
Professional Level
$1,950 / year
3 x $675
Professional PLUS Level
$9,500 / year
3 x $3,250

Save with Annual Pricing

Answers To Common Questions

How does my membership work??

Your Annual Membership includes 365 days from the day you sign up. Join today, and you’ll start by studying this month’s GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy theme. Then, on the first of each month we’ll start teaching a new one. 12 months, 12 themes…A better you!

Can you guarantee I’ll Get Momentum?

If you do the work, show up 100% and use the activities, yes, we promise you’ll GET MOMENTUM on goals – at work and in life. If you do the work, and DON’T get momentum, call us and we’ll make it right. Money back guaranteed.

What if my company will pay for a portion of my membership?

Contact Jodi. She’ll make a special invoice and work out all the details with you.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. Make the check payable to the Womack Company. Print out the Sign Up form
and mail it and the check to: Womack Company, 323 East Matilija Street, Suite 110-211, Ojai, CA 93023 USA

Would you like more information?

Send us an email and let us know how we can help!

Here’s a “less-than-5-minute” explanation of the Get Momentum coaching program. Click or tap below to watch the video.